The First 100 Feet: Options for Internet and Broadband Access

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Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Personal Sign In. For IEEE to continue sending you helpful information on our products and services, please consent to our updated Privacy Policy. Email Address. Sign In. Access provided by: anon Sign Out. Book Abstract: The growth of the Internet has been propelled in significant part by user investment in infrastructure: computers, internal wiring, and the connection to the Internet provider. In , as the utility prepared to expand its legacy fiber facilities to meet growing needs for monitoring and automating its systems, it decided to install enough extra capacity to support a citywide FTTH network and lease this extra dark fiber to service providers.

The open-access wholesale network will pass , premises by the end of , making it one of the largest municipal FTTH networks in the United States. The Huntsville model has several unusual features; the most important is that the final drops to the premises are constructed and owned by service providers, not by the city. In February , Google Fiber became the anchor tenant on the network, pledging to offer triple-play services to all Huntsville residents and small businesses. Google Fiber began connecting customers in Government programs can help speed the process, but the single most important ingredient remains local leadership.

FCC Commissioner Visits South Dakota with Broadband Focus

Key Products: Telecommunications and broadband network design for multiple-dwelling-unit buildings, amenity selection, low-voltage and wireless system engineering, contract negotiation, project management and acquisition assessment. Summary: To differentiate their communities, MDU owners call on InfiniSys, a company that focuses on building multifamily electronic architectures.

As an independent technology adviser and developer, InfiniSys creates comprehensive, standards-based amenity solutions that include IoT, entertainment, access control, video surveillance, digital signage and messaging, energy management, and leisure-space control systems for new and existing apartments, condominiums, student housing, senior housing, hotels, mixed-use developments and master-planned communities.

The thousands of projects InfiniSys has undertaken since its inception in have garnered many awards for forward-thinking solutions and exceptional customer support.

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InfiniSys works with electronics and infrastructure manufacturers, software developers, and public and private service providers to create new products and service offerings, including IoT solutions. It developed and successfully trademarked both the NetworkedApartment and SmartApartment brands. Based in Daytona Beach, Florida, the firm represents developers and property owners in negotiations with service providers and low-voltage contractors nationwide and oversees projects for financial stakeholders.

Key Products: Broadband policy research and municipal broadband advocacy. The nonprofit organization, which has offices in Maine, Minnesota and Washington, D. ILSR promotes the intelligent use of advanced technology to achieve locally determined goals.

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Its Community Broadband Networks Initiative is an important source of information and analysis about locally based fiber-to-the-home projects those owned by municipalities, cooperatives and public-private partnerships. Key Products: Service provider negotiations, financial feasibility plans, fiber infrastructure design, consultation, situation analysis.

Summary: Founded in , Inteleconnect develops telecommunications strategies for municipalities, college and university campuses, mixed-use developments, and small, medium and large businesses. The company designs and manages service provider—neutral networks it designed, implemented and currently manages the St. Projects include the design and implementation of the statewide research and medical fiber network that connects the three research universities and seven major medical facilities in South Carolina.

Summary: Founded in , the distributor KGPCo provides network transformation and supply chain solutions for the communications industry in U. The company enables customers to build, optimize and transform their networks by providing a single brand to deliver a complement of network solutions. The largest communications product distribution and service solution provider in the United States, KGPCo combines a comprehensive suite of technical strategy and implementation services with a global logistics network and portfolio of technology partnerships.

Key Products: Management partnering, consulting, capital-funding services. Summary: Last Mile Communications LMC , an international telecommunications management partnering and consulting firm, offers telecom and cable customers experience across technology, sales and marketing, customer relations, finance and accounting, government and investor relations, business administration, programmer and vendor relations, and executive-level management. LMC offers three service lines: management partnering, consulting and capital funding.

LMC personnel manage the delivery of broadband services, data management and mobile communications.

What Is the Best Internet Speed for Gaming? [Simple Guide]

It can also raise capital to start, continue and enhance the growth of broadband and telecommunications opportunities. LMC assisted BCI during the acquisition process and took on the management partnering responsibilities of the new entity, MaxxSouth Broadband, upon the completion of acquisition in late Key Products: Design, engineering, construction and maintenance of wireless and wireline networks, outside and inside plant, and FTTx.

Summary: Ledcor, in business since , is a diversified construction company that has built communications networks since The company employs nearly 6, people in 30 offices across North America; the communications division has approximately 1, employees. Ledcor and its subcontract partners currently perform field engineering, design, permitting, construction, and splicing and testing in the greater Chicago area for a Tier 1 U. This citywide metro overbuild encompasses approximately 3, square miles and includes fiber-to-the-tower and fiber-to-the-business networks.

Key Products: High-speed residential and business-class broadband internet, managed Wi-Fi, digital television, digital voice services.

Summary: Lumos Networks is a fiber-based incumbent local exchange carrier and part of Segra, one of the largest independent fiber bandwidth companies in the United States. The company has provided integrated telecommunications services to rural Virginia markets since , and the portfolio includes high-speed residential and business-class broadband internet, digital television, digital telephone and managed Wi-Fi services. Local, professional customer care supports the full suite of services.

Besides offering 1 Gbps services, Lumos recently doubled the speeds in its Essential and Premium broadband internet service packages. Customers that choose the Essentials package get Mbps download speed, and the Premium package now supports Mbps. Key Products: Broadband and telecom planning, grant writing, security consulting, deployment, management services. Summary: Headquartered in Denver, Magellan Advisors is a full-service consulting firm that offers services from project inception through implementation and into continuing operations.

Magellan helps communities identify opportunities, value assets and negotiate and forge public-private and public-public partnerships. Services offered include smart-city consulting, comprehensive community broadband planning, fiber optic master planning, financial planning, funds sourcing, business modeling, design engineering, telecommunications master planning, deployment, and project management services for governments, municipal utilities, electric cooperatives and private organizations.

Clients range from national, regional and tribal governments to new master-planned communities, large cities and small rural communities. Recent projects include a broadband needs assessment and fiber optic mapping plan for Alameda County, California; fiber and smart-city master plan for San Leandro, California; and turnkey broadband plan and turnkey implementation services for Mont Belvieu, Texas. Key Products: Software for visual operations, workforce management and service assurance.

The First Feet: Options for Internet and Broadband Access | Emerald Insight

It maps both outside and inside plant at physical and logical levels. Providers use the M4 Solutions Suite to model their networks and service areas, integrating and correlating data from billing, accounting, GPS tracking, element management, network monitoring and vehicle-tracking applications in a visual interface. Using the suite in conjunction with M4 Workforce and M4 Process Manager technology, staff can communicate via mobile devices to handle trouble tickets, service orders, field locates and permitting.

In , Mapcom Systems launched M4 SLA Vision, the newest addition to the M4 Solutions platform, which automates many of the reports and dashboards critical to meeting service-level agreements. Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, with a staff of more than , Mapcom has worked since with independents, cooperatives, fiber communities and campus telecommunications providers across the United States, Canada, Central America, the Caribbean and Africa.

Key Products: FTTx deployment, outside-plant cabling, engineering, inside-plant construction and installation, joint trench systems, splicing, testing, systems integration, fulfillment, ongoing maintenance. Summary: MasTec provides engineering, design, construction and maintenance services for wireline and wireless communications, including cell tower construction, broadband fiber optic cable installation, wireline construction and emergency maintenance services across the country.

MasTec expects this transition to accelerate in the second half of Key Products: Fiber optic network construction, including outside-plant construction; structured cabling; fiber splicing and testing. Summary: In , family-owned Michels, based in Brownsville, Wisconsin, was one of the first companies to construct fiber lines. Today, it builds thousands of miles of fiber optic and broadband networks each year.

Its communications personnel serve all sectors of the communications industry — local telephone companies, broadband and cable TV providers, schools, and enterprises. Plowing, trenching, splicing, terminating, testing, constructing aerial lines, directional boring, rail plowing, installing cable, conducting site work and providing FTTx solutions are some of the services Michels offers.

In addition, it assists clients with forecasting growth, verifying existing facilities, investigating potential migration strategies and estimating costs of numerous deployment options. It has 8, employees and 40 regional offices throughout the United States. Summary: Mid-State Consultants offers a full range of communications engineering services for telephony, data and video networks as well as computerized mapping and conversion and construction supervision.

Mid-State assists clients with growth forecasting, verification of existing facilities, investigation of potential migration strategies and cost estimates of numerous deployment options. Key Products: Fiber distribution and cable management solutions, connectors, splice enclosures and cabinets; MDU enclosures; raceway and pathway solutions. Summary: A manufacturer of telecommunications network components, Multilink, founded in , focuses on fiber management solutions.

Its products are designed to meet the needs of both legacy plant and new technology applications. Recent product introductions include the Surelight H-IP, a fiber drop cable solution with a field-installable application that has an OptiTap-compatible connector. Based in Elyria, Ohio, Multilink is privately owned and has employees. But we believe the country can and should build fiber to every rural home. The platform is specifically developed to meet the needs of broadband providers, municipalities and telco engineers that design and build next-generation internet infrastructure.

The platform is an SaaS network mapping solution built for small and midsize fiber ISPs and community fiber networks. Delivered through a web browser, it is engineered for rapid integration, driven by open APIs and managed in the cloud. VETRO FiberMap enables users to access accurate network data from anywhere and design, deploy and document networks — all from a single platform.

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Other provider customers, such as OTELCO, use the platform to give potential business customers a way to determine whether fiber-based internet service is available in their areas. Key Products: Design, community outreach, financing and construction of open-access broadband networks. Summary: Neighborly is a San Francisco—based startup that connects communities with capital for fiber optic broadband networks. Neighborly provides a full-service solution for deploying open-access networks, from design through community outreach, financing and construction.

This unique approach is designed to accelerate the deployment of broadband infrastructure to communities across the country, reduce the burden on local governments and give service providers the opportunity to enter new markets without infrastructure expenditure. Neighborly is currently planning open-access networks in South Portland, Maine; the Katahdin region of Maine; and Stockton, California. Jase Wilson, a civic technologist trained in urban planning, founded the company in in Kansas City, Missouri. It operates from two locations — San Francisco and Boston — and has 37 employees.

Key Products: Consulting, feasibility studies, design and engineering services. Summary: NEO Connect works with local and state governments throughout the United States providing municipal advisory, funding, consulting, feasibility, and design and engineering services for broadband networks. NEO has become a leader in municipal broadband planning in Colorado, a hotbed for municipal broadband initiatives.

Recently, NEO helped several service providers obtain financing or acquisition partners, fulfilling their strategic vision for building out fiber in their communities. Key Products: Wireline and wireless network equipment, software for network management, IoT technology, cloud solutions. Summary: Nokia, headquartered in Espoo, Finland, is a market leader in wireless and wireline networks. Key Products: FTTH and fixed wireless network planning, design and engineering; feasibility studies; project and construction management; network operations and management support; back-office integration.