Six Million Paper Clips: The Making Of A Childrens Holocaust Memorial

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So they begin to collect paper clips, one for each victim, to create their own memorial.

Six Million Paper Clips

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As the class struggled to grasp the massive scale of the Holocaust and the sheer numbers of the Jews who lost their lives, one student raised his hand with the question: six million? The number was incomprehensible. How was it possible to understand? Through internet research, the class discovered that collecting paper clips would offer a symbolic and profound dimension to the project, given that Johan Vaaler, a Norwegian Jew, invented the paper clip, and that Europeans wore paper clips on their lapels during World War II as a silent protest against the Nazi occupation.

While the goal was to collect six million paper clips — one for each soul who perished during the Shoah — the project attracted media attention and support worldwide. Letters and emails started to flood in with donations. Jewish notables, celebrities and survivors sent paper clips with notes, photos and family treasures in remembrance of loved ones. Today the school routinely hosts visitors, tours, Holocaust survivors and guest speakers from far and wide. A moving documentary, entitled Paper Clips and originally released theatrically in , captures how these students responded to lessons about the Holocaust and how a committed group of children and educators provided hope and inspiration to countless others around the globe.

The rabbi and Jodi felt the trip was such an amazing experience that they also welcomed teens from other Conservative congregations. He hated Jews and blamed them for all the ills of the German society. He ordered that they be punished. The punishment began with laws that restricted the rights of Jews.

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Later the Jews were herded into ghettos, transported to concentration camps, and forced to work as slave laborers. In the end, the punishment, over and over again, was death. They all read The Diary of Anne Frank, the journal of a teenage girl who had hidden with her family for over two years in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam.

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Sandra Roberts was concerned how her pupils would react when she told them that the Nazis planned to wipe out the Jewish race completely. And between one and two million of these victims were children. Children like you. The students looked at their teacher without any emotion.

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  • Roberts, but what on earth is six million? Buttons and pennies were suggested. But none seemed realistic. The Nazis invaded the country of Norway, and they began to round up Jews to ship them to concentration camps. And so they protested. But she had been teaching long enough to know that a teacher often can learn from a student.

    So the Norwegians began to wear paper clips on their lapels as a protest. Not only was the story true, but a Norwegian man, Johan Vaaler, had invented the paper clip in So the Holocaust class of the Whitwell Middle School began to collect paper clips. At that moment, nobody could imagine that life would never be the same at Whitwell Middle School. After a few weeks, they had brought more than 1, paper clips to school. They realized that collecting six million was not going to be so easy. So they began writing letters to sports heroes, politicians, film stars, and industry leaders asking for help.

    Most wrote back and told the students how impressed they were to learn about their project. And they sent paper clips. With the paper clips came letters, such as one from Hollywood director Henry Winkler whose father was a Holocaust survivor. The star of the TV series Happy Days told the students that when his father fled the Nazis and immigrated to the United States, he had to leave everything behind.

    The Paperclip Project - Holocaust Memorial

    He covered it with melted chocolate and smuggled it out in an old box. Winkler received the watch when he became a Bar Mitzvah and has since passed it on to his son.

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    • This milestone is usually celebrated at a synagogue service followed by a party. The students organized a system to deal with the deluge of mail.

      Six Million Paper Clips: The Making of a Children's Holocaust Memorial

      Some logged in the letters and put them into binders, while others counted and stored the paper clips. Soon the letters filled nine scrapbooks, and the clips began overflowing their containers. The students were excited about the mail, but they soon realized that they probably would never reach their goal. Coach David Smith, who had joined the Holocaust group as an adviser, came up with an idea. He proposed designing a website to explain the Paper Clip Project and ask for contributions. A few days later, the website was up and running.

      As soon as we have six million, we will make a monument.

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      But after some time, the excitement died down, and at the end of the year, the Holocaust group had received only , paper clips. The students did the math and found that at this rate, it would take The teachers tried to convince the students not to give up hope. Help for the project was already on the way. But nobody in Whitwell knew it. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D. The very same day, they had lunch with their dear friend, year-old Lena Lieba Gitter, who had fled to the United States from her native Austria after the Nazis had taken over that country.

      Amazingly, Lena met the Schroeders at the door of her Washington home with a printout of the Whitwell website.

      Six Million Paper Clips: The Making of a Children's Holocaust Memorial | Jewish Book Council

      I know you will. They called the school and talked to the teachers and some students. They wrote articles for nine German newspapers that included a simple request. And enclose a letter telling the students why you are participating. Letters came from children as young as six. The oldest writer was ninety-eight.