Becoming Young Thinkers: Deep Project Work in the Classroom

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Play Matters Investigative Learning for preschool to grade 2.

Habits of the Mind for Generating Ideas

Collecting Sunshine. Early Childhood Leadership in Action Evidence-based approaches for effective practice. Item Added: Becoming Young Thinkers. View Wishlist. Our Awards Booktopia's Charities. Are you sure you would like to remove these items from your wishlist?

Judy Harris Helm. Steven Seidel. Ann Lewin-Benham. Carol Anne Wien. Elizabeth Jones. Shelly Counsell. Jacqueline Grennon Brooks. Joseph J. Lisa P. Louise Derman-Sparks. Diane E. Sydney L. Learning […] Full Description. Do you want to streamline the process you use to manage your program? Would you like to use technology to work smarter, not harder? Join Giovanni Arroyo in this webinar to learn about the latest technology tools and systems that can reduce costs and decrease your workload.

Handout Technology Must Haves. This powerfull webinar, presented by Judy Jablon, will focus on the powerful impact teachers can have when they intentionally and respectfully interact with children to extend their learning. In this webinar, Dr. Gopnik will outline some of the new discoveries and their implications for the way we think about young children […] Full Description. Disasters can strike anywhere at any time, and when they do children are the most vulnerable victims. Each work day […] Full Description.

PowerPoint Slides. New measures of quality focus on rich language and responsive communication. Using strength-based coaching to […] Full Description. Debi will help you explore ideas about how to use regulations to create a culture of continuous quality improvement CQI and reflective practice within your program. You […] Full Description. Each work day 68 million children are in child care or school, where parents assume they are safe, yet the 28 states and DC lack minimum standards for protecting children in these facilities.

This session is part of the Follett Growing Readers Series Imagine walking into a new restaurant without knowing what the restaurant served. How would you know if the restaurant was appropriate for you and your family and how to plan your meal? Walking into a new early learning setting can be a similar experience for […] Full Description.

In the last two decades children have lost 8 hours of free play per […] Full Description.

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The marketing landscape has changed drastically for early childhood programs. This session is part of the Follett Growing Readers Series What are the mathematical and educational building blocks of early mathematics? What role should these building blocks play in early education, and why? Julie Sarama and Douglas H. Clements will discuss these questions, including information on three recent publications that they helped […] Full Description.

Douglas Clements. Yet, the phenomenon of childhood bilingualism is […] Full Description.

They support language and concept development, provide information and entertainment, deepen adult-child relationships, support creativity and the arts, foster social-emotional growth and the development of resiliences, and prime children for later school and […] Full Description.

Communicating with parents of children in your program is more important than ever — and the options to support that communication are growing at a rapid pace. This webinar will describe recent research on the impact of parent engagement on preschool student outcomes and discuss strategies of improving that engagement. New options for using various […] Full Description. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.

Nighty-Night Cooper. Nino Wrestles the World.

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Open This Little Book. The Things I can Do. Even if you are already using informational text in your program, you […] Full Description. Informational Text Book List. Checklist for choosing Nonfiction titles for your classroom. Have you and your teachers struggled to find successful ways to deal with young children who frequently hurt others by biting?

YOU and your teachers may be part of the problem! Biting is often caused and always solved by adults. Learn to approach the issue like a detective to uncover the underlying reasons and create […] Full Description.

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This session is part of the Follett Growing Readers Series The explosion of early literacy materials for young children is a real boon to busy for early childhood teachers. But the abundance also comes with a responsibility to make the best choices about which materials to select and use with young children. This webinar describes […] Full Description. Sing Silver Bell Activity Sheets. Talk Silver Bell Activity Sheets.

Transdisciplinarity: Thinking Inside and Outside the Box

Write Silver Bell Activity Sheets. Silver Bell Handout. Applying child development theory as a framework, his presentation shares ideas educators can use to create engaging and innovate learning experiences with young children that compliment other hands-on educational experiences. This discussion exposes educators to the current teaching strategies that incorporate technology in early childhood environments and the possibilities of the future.

Full Description. Literature is a powerful vehicle for helping children understand their homes, communities and the world. Even before young children can read, family members, childcare providers and teachers read them stories about people in far away places, sometimes from the distant past and sometimes about people whose lives are similar to their own.

The impressions and messages contained in these stories can last a lifetime. Cheryl Kilodavis PowerPoint. Link to Cheryl Kilodavis interview on the Today show. As an increasing number early childhood educators include tablets in their programs, they are asking more questions about ow to use these digital tools. How do they know which apps to download? How will they use apps to create engaging and effective learning experiences for their students?

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To help navigate through this process Gail Lovely, founder of LovelyLearning. This session is part of the Follett Growing Readers Series We know children love to tell and retell stories. But story retelling is a powerful strategy for teachers, coaches and administrators who must help children meet standards. In fact, story retelling is a standard in the Common Core State Standards for kindergarten and in many […] Full Description.

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Slides from Story Retelling. Cate Heroman's Pinterest Board. Sample Book List and References. Narrative Book Collection curated by Cate Heroman. Predictable Book Collection curated by Cate Heroman. Oral Storytelling Collection curated by Cate Heroman.

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Librarians are outstanding and eager partners in efforts to nurture early literacy skills. Learn about the things libraries are already doing in partnership with early childhood educators and families, and suggestions for partnering with libraries in your own community. This session describes what we know from recent research on improving vocabulary instruction, highlighting key principles that are related to reading improvement. It […] Full Description.